New Mexico CowBelles

Man/Men of the Year

This award is to recognize a New Mexico man/men who has/have helped further the efforts of the New Mexico CowBelles.

Congratulations to the 2020 New Mexico CowBelles Man of the Year, Dee Wear!

Nominated by the Chamiza CowBelles, Dee is a 6th generation rancher from Lake Valley. His activities representing ranchers, along with creating programs that encourage the next generation of food producers, are worthy of honoring. Thanks Dee for your devotion to New Mexico’s beef community.

New Mexico CowBelles Man of the Year Application - Nominations may be made membership and locals no later than March 10.

NMCB Man of the Year Nomination Form 

Past Recipients

1970 Jack Copeland 

1971 Tom Grady 

1972 Rudolph Johnson 

1973 Richard Maulsby 

1974 Bill Hunt 

1975 Charles T. Lee 

1976 Alvin Braken 

1977 Wallace Lockmiller 

1978 Bud Eppers 

1979 Stan Faviell 

1980 Karl Butt 

1981 Jody Clavel 

1982 Phil Bidegain 

1983 Jerry Witte 

1984 Dub Martin 

1985 Bob Jones 

1986 Gene Atchley 

1987 G.B. Oliver, Jr. 

1988 Henry Aceves 

1989 Chuck Stocks 

1990 Jack Butt 

1991 Bill Fletcher 

1992 Pete Laumbach 

1993 David Kincaid 

1994 Pete Domenici 

1995 Wally Ferguson 

1996 Darrell Brown 

1997 Alan Bugg 

1998 Laurie Kincaid 

1999 Grem Lee 

2000 Frank DuBoise 

2001 Dr. John Fowler 

2002 Joe Bill Nunn 

2003 Rick Richardson 

2004 Randall, Jeffrey, & Timothy Rabon 

2005 Paul Bierwirth 

2006 Wallace Cox 

2007 Don “Bebo” Lee 

2008 G.X. McSherry 

2009 John King 

2010 Joel Alderete 

2011 Les Hauser 

2012 Jeff Witte 

2013 Bill Armendariz 

2014 Charles DeWolf & Steve Lenzo 

2015 Dr. Lowell Catlett 

2016 Preston Stone 

2018 Blair Clavel

2019 Forest Hill

2020-2021 Dee Wear

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